Revealing the Greatness of the Product

Revealing Greatness

“Your job is to reveal how good the product is, not how good you are”- Julian Koenig

Julian Koenig passed away at age 93. He was one of the great innovators of modern advertising. He was the creative force behind some of the most effective and memorable advertising campaigns of all time. Among many others, he was widely known for creating Volkswagen’s “Think Small” campaign.

The quote is profoundly relevant to our job as ministers of the gospel. Our “product” is the greatest of all time, the Gospel and the Person of Jesus Christ. We are to reveal to the world how good, great, and magnificent He is, not how good we are. Modern advertising has been criticized for “over the top” hyping of a product, even to the point of deception. However, there is no way we can ever over sell, over describe or over-hype the goodness and virtues of our ‘product’.

At BMCFerrell, we understand this principle, even down to our client relationship. It is our job to help our ministry partners reveal how good Jesus is, not how good we are. Thank you, Mr. Koenig, for reminding us of something we need to be aware of everyday in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.