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Broadcast & Video Production

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Program Production | Post-Production | Facilities

Today's world consumes the most video than any other generation in the past. That's why we are on a mission to pioneer new program formats, bring innovation, and explore creative techniques to help you effectively present your God-given message to the world.

Our production team provides a wide range of video production and post-production services. BMCFerrell's production services include:

  • Live Event Production
  • TV Turn-key Solutions
  • Program/Video Production
  • Production & Video Training
  • Promo Spot Production
  • Closed-Captioning & Station Distribution
  • Video Editing
  • Script Writing
  • Podcast Production

BMCFerrell also has fully equipped production facilities that are available for booking. These include:

  • Television Production
  • Webcast Studio
  • Post-Production and Digital Edit Suite

Whatever your needs may be, BMCFerrell is happy to serve as your production team or enhance your existing efforts.


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