You are currently viewing 3 REASONS WHY TELEVISION IS NOT DEAD


While it’s true that people are spending more time than ever on digital media outlets, television is still one of the most effective media tools and is far from extinction. There are a few key reasons for this including its reach, high consumer trust, and return on investment.

Television can reach a large number of people at once.

According to Statista’s 2021 report, there were an estimated 1.72 billion TV households in use around the world. And this number is expected to increase to over 1.8 billion by 2026. Additionally, studies show that TV can reach 71% of the world’s population in one day, 93% in one week, and 98% in one month. This means that TV has a reach that other forms of media simply can’t match. Furthermore, television viewing is not limited to one device. Thanks to our handheld devices people can also watch TV on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the go.

Though there’s a rise in cord-cutters who are ending their satellite TV contracts, TV viewership is not declining, it is growing at a rapid pace. Connected televisions with TV Apps and streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV have made it easier and cheaper than ever to watch content from our favorite TV networks, TV channels, streaming services, and even our favorite Christian ministries that have TV apps.

According to Nielsen, in January 2022 alone, TV streaming was up 12% in monthly volume, linear tv broadcast was up 9%, and cable broadcast was up 3% from December 2021. Though the way we watch TV has changed, its overall viewership has not declined but has dramatically increased through the years.

People trust traditional media outlets more than they trust digital media outlets.

This is because traditional media outlets have been around for longer and are seen as more credible. Television is also an incredibly powerful medium. It combines audio and visual elements to create ads that are both memorable and effective. And because TV is a “lean back” medium, viewers are typically more receptive to messages that they see on television.

Television is still the best way to convert people into donors.

Studies have shown that people who see an ad on TV are more likely to buy the product than those who see the same ad on a digital platform alone. This is because TV is highly effective at building brand awareness and recall. People who see a TV ad are more likely to remember and take action with the brand than those who see the same ad on another medium.

Additionally, an AdAge article featuring Rich Lehrfeld, senior VP of global brand marketing and communications at American Express. He stated, “TV as a traditional medium is still important… When we run a heavy TV schedule, we see a lift in sales and product awareness. We need to run two weeks of digital to get the reach of one day of broadcast.”


While digital media is certainly growing in importance, television should still be a key part of your media outreach strategy. This is because television has a large reach, is trusted by consumers, and is the best way to convert people into customers.