Mike Webb

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Foothill Family Church was established in January of 1986 by Pastor Mike and Beth Webb. Three adults and six children joined them for the first service in a local elementary…

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Dr. Ed Silvoso

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Dr. Silvoso is known worldwide as a father of the faith. He is the author of several landmark books, including That None Should Perish, Anointed for Business, Prayer Evangelism, and Ekklesia-Rediscovering…

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John Siebling

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Over several years, BMCFerrell assisted Life Church Memphis with developing a strong television presence in their hometown of Memphis, TN, and helped in other areas such as outdoor billboards and…

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David Shearin

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Pastor David Shearin is a worldwide minister reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Vicki, founded and pastor the Word of Life Christian Center…

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Rick Renner

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Rick Renner is the senior pastor of the Moscow Good News Church and the founder and director of the Good News Association of Pastors and Churches with nearly 800 member…

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Benny Perez

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Benny Perez is the co-founding pastor (together with his wife, Pastor Wendy) of The Church LV and its campuses. Since its inception in 2003, The Church has experienced rapid growth…

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Kelly and Parker Ferrell lead the mission of mywhy.tv, which is to "tell stories of people who have searched for truth and found it to be JESUS, and this is…

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Todd Mullins

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Christ Fellowship started in 1984 as a small Bible study with 40 people in a living room and has grown to nearly 30,000 people on multiple regional campuses in South…

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