Have you ever run out of content ideas to keep your church’s social media lively? You are not alone.

Coming up with ideas for social media can become problematic, especially when you have a small team and limited time.

So we’ve created The Ultimate List of Social Media Ideas for Churches to help you limit these moments as much as possible.

We’ve categorized these posts into five different categories:

  1. Inspirational
  2. Informational
  3. Promotional
  4. Entertainment
  5. Engagement

Keep reading to get explanations of these posts.

Inspirational Posts

Sermon Video Clips

This type of post may be one of the most popular posts amongst churches active on social media today and for good reason. It works to keep your congregation engaged with your church and encouraged throughout their week.

Sermon Video Clips highlight key points within a recent message that you want your audience to continue to hang onto. They aid in helping your congregation grow spiritually where they hang out the most – on social media.

Sermon Quote Graphics

Just like sermon video clips, sermon quote graphics are a great way to help your congregation meditate on a recent sermon throughout the week. To make a share-worthy graphic, identify a quote within your sermon that will generate the most response from your audience. Then, design a graphic for your social media platform of choice.

Verse of the Day/Week

We all have seen this post many times! Sharing a scripture verse is a great way to encourage your followers throughout their week. Like the sermon quote graphic, you need to decide which scripture to share and then create a graphic to post.


We love a great devotional. You can create a written devotional and create a graphic to promote it on your social media. Or you can create a video devotional to share via your church’s social media pages. We recommend keeping them short to maximize the view duration of your audience.

Live Prayer

This type of content has become increasingly popular for ministries with the rise of social media’s algorithm prioritizing video posts. Hosting a live prayer session can be a great way to build relationships with your in-person and online congregations. Since social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have restructured their algorithms to prioritize video, Live videos can quickly boost your reach and engagement.

Video Personal Testimonies

Personal testimony videos are great for building faith and expectancy amongst your audience. A common misconception is that these can only be shared within the four walls of the church, but quite the contrary! It’s a great way to build community and spark new connections within your church AND online! Someone watching may be so encouraged by the testimony and realize that they can overcome this same challenge. This type of content is a win-win!

Holiday Posts

These are a staple for any organization. Recognizing a national holiday is always a way to generate engagement. Create a quick graphic with your logo and post away!

Informational Posts

Definition Posts

These posts can help educate your audience on different topics relevant to the Christian faith or even unique words used in your church. Here are some ideas:

  • What is water baptism?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • What is baptism in the Holy Spirit?
  • What is salvation?
  • What is Easter?

How-To Posts

These posts can add tremendous value to your audience while giving them practical tips for their Christian walk. Here are some ideas:

  • How to study the Bible?
  • How to read the Bible daily?
  • How to Pray?
  • How to Fast?
  • How to do the ‘Daniel’ Fast?

Recommendation Posts

Sometimes your audience needs a recommendation for tools they can use daily to strengthen their faith. This is an easy way to build trust and be helpful! Here are some ideas:

  • Bible Translation Recommendations
  • Book Recommendations for various topics (i.e., marriage, parenting, teens)

Promotional Posts

Church Merch

If your church has products it sells, feel free to share them on your social media to build awareness! Whether it’s new apparel, books, devotionals, CDs, sharing them on social media is sure to help boost sales.

Upcoming Church Events

Promoting upcoming events at your church is a great way to generate awareness and excitement leading up to the occasion. Promotional videos and countdown graphics are great ways to generate excitement.

Pro Tip: Encourage your audience to share the post with someone who could benefit from attending the event!

Church Projects

A great way to build excitement and increase participation with your church projects is to share about them on social media. Your audience will enjoy getting to see and celebrate the behind-the-scenes progress of the project. This makes them feel included and informed, making it easier to generate donations. Here are some ideas:

  • New building campaigns
  • Renovations
  • Upgrades

Church Groups/Ministries/Programs

Your audience will love hearing about the different community groups, ministries, and programs they can join. This generates awareness about what’s going on in your church and encourages participation.

Church Testimonials

Creating video testimonials from your members’ church experience can be a great way to promote your church on social media. This type of content can be what helps someone decide to visit your church.


Like event posts, this can be a great way to generate engagement and participation amongst your audience is to create invitation posts. These can be videos, photos, or graphics that invite people to attend weekend service or be a part of an outreach.

New Sermon Series

Advertising a new sermon series is a great way to generate engagement with your online audience and even increase in-person visits to your church.

Entertainment Posts

Recap of Weekly Services & Church Events

This is a great way to give people a taste of your church experience. This can be done through pictures or video. Some great ideas are capturing worship, before and after service interactions, during sermon note-taking, etc. It also allows your current members to share these posts with their friends and family.

Funny Memes

Who said the church can’t have fun? A great way to engage your audience is through funny Christian memes.


Prayer Request

Asking your audience to send you their prayer requests via direct message or comment is a powerful way to build a relationship with your audience and get great engagement. This type of post is sure to create a deeper relationship with your following.

Favorite Line or Takeaways from the Message

Another great way to spark activity in your comment section is to ask people what their favorite quote was or what they learned from a sermon. This type of post will also give you an idea of what to post for your viral sermon clip or quote graphic!

There you have it! This is your ultimate guide to church social media posts, so you never hit content block again. Use ours to make your content go viral.